But even if a company has only one database it doesn’t mean they don’t
need a DBA. It all depends on the database size, complexity, compliance and
availability requirements. The company’s image might be damaged if they lose customer’s data
or if database-related issues cause disruptions of client-facing applications. Some
bad scenarios include losing clients or facing penalties.

They are a very important addition to any company because you the company know their information will be secure. You will handle sensitive information while enhancing their database to make their software the best version it can be. DBAs may also possess in-depth technical skills in related technologies such as DevOps software like Docker, Kubernetes and Git, ERP packages like SAP, operating systems like Linux and z/OS and storage software. System administrators are responsible for the DBMS installation, configuration and setup but typically have no responsibility for database design and support. Without the DBA’s oversight, application and system outages, downtime, and slowdowns will inevitably occur.

SQL Functions

This is the important component in the PL/SQL unit used to store the actual datasets. This PL/SQL database server uses the SQL used to establish a communication with the database https://remotemode.net/ server. It consists of an SQL executor that inputs the SQL statement and executes the same. Oracle PL/SQL supports object-oriented programming and developing web applications.

The Oracle PL/SQL offers high productivity to database programmers, so you perform operations like querying the data, data transmission, and data updation. This PL/SQL offers development based web application servers and also generates web server pages. Most of the web development companies prefer PostgreSQL to increase their scalability as they deal with thousands of requests per second at a time. To handle these requests, the PostgreSQL tool proves the best solution.

Application DBA

You may be familiar with storing data in a spreadsheet, which is handy for smaller amounts of data. These amounts of data you typically store locally on your computer. Spreadsheets are great for single users who don’t need to manipulate the data too much. For example, such users don’t often combine data from different sheets. how to become a sql server dba But if you need to work with larger amounts of data from different sources, you might need more advanced functionality. A SQL DBA stands for Structured Query Language Database Administrator, this is someone who manages different databases using SQL software, securing data, and many other IT-related issues that may come up.

In the year 1986 at the University of California, Berkeley developed this PostgreSQL project. It has more than 30 years of an active database development used on many-core platforms. PostgreSQL supports almost all kinds of relational database management features that are not present in other query language tools such as SQL and MySQL.


In larger projects, many people usually work on the same data. A database can manage concurrent access to and simultaneous modifications of its data. This means multiple people can use the database at the same time without interfering with each other. For instance, some users may only be able to read the data, while others may also be able to add or modify it.

what is sql dba

The IF statement composes the sequence of statements which are enclosed by the keywords like THEN and END IF. If the condition is true, the program will get executed, and if the condition is FALSE, the IF statement will terminate the program. This doesn’t establish any interaction with the database server. These codes are used to write the whole program blocks/ functions and procedures.